Episode 17: The Pope on the Rosie View

This week we are joined by Conor Pope, champion of the Irish Consumer and wannabe Sean Connery lookylikey.
Many thanks to him for taking part!


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01m15s We try to kick off with News: Conor tells us that he was very happy to hear that the BBC have recommissioned Sherlock starring Benedict Cumberbatch. Honestly.

02m36s RTE have launched their daytime schedule with 4Live and the Daily Show
03m28s We wonder why they have brought a male presenter into the mix. Listen up as both Conor and I have theories.
04m29s Conor reveals the secret to the TV3 look.
04m46s The last piece of news is the launch of the new Apple TV (the problem with doing a show with people who “work” in a “newspaper” is that they pooh-pooh what I consider news like the Stig being sacked as not news :( )
09m15s We discuss whether you can record remotely on UPC. You can with Sky
10m50s I do not like Mattie on RTE one bit.
12m15s I object to the criminals being Dubs even though the show is set in Limerick
12m59s Note to self – do not allow Rosemary to pour tea while we are recording
13m09s Conor suggests that it might be like Val Falvey TD but I declare that Val Falvey was a damn site better
14m35s Rosemary has been watching Life Unexpected a new American show which has recently started on E4, Sundays at 7pm. It stars Shiri Appleby who was also in Roswell.

17m28s Rosemary could always watch The Consumer Show on a Sunday evening except that it is on a Monday evening at 8.30; Life Unexpected is on Sunday night at 9pm on e4.
22m13s Some discussion about how The Consumer Show dealt with a feature on the sugar content of popular drinks. I think RTE are late to the game; Conor thinks that there is space for them but is worried that they won’t pick up steam in 6 episodes (read won’t take any pressure offa his inbox!)
23m45s Conor shares his knowledge about the current debates in food labelling. I love the way this show isn’t always just about what’s on the telly!
24m37s Conor thinks that this kind of show is still needed; I agree, I just wonder why it took RTE so long to develop it
25m30s The other thing I really liked about The Consumer Show was the set
25m58s We dispense some armchair advice to Eddie Hobbs and his director
27m02s Rosemary wonders if the shakiness is from the Expose school of camerawork. I use school and work in their loosest senses here.
27m32s Rosemary has been watching 90210 which leads us to a discussion about rape storylines on TV shows. Rosemary feels that the overly dramatic, highly violent rapes are not a true representation of what the real experience of rape tends to be, where a familiar male forces the woman to have sex against her will.
29m37s Conor reminds us that Fair City on RTE ran a storyline that featured what might be called date rape which featured a doctor who gained the trust of his victim only to eventually rape her.
30m02s I posit that maybe the soaps can do it better because they can develop it over a long time unlike series.
30m15s Series 2 Mad Men and Sopranos spoiler alert
31m03s Conor is shocked by the storylines that are featuring in 90210. Rosemary points out that even in Brenda and Brandon’s heyday (!!) there was a teen pregnancy.
31m18s We discuss TV Signposts: hitchhiking equals trouble; drinking even a sip of vodka is the first step on the road to rehab; everyone drinks OJ at parties in Neighbours; the floors are always spotless for a bit of breakdancing and no-one ever says goodbye on the phone; why are the inside of their homes always painted grey or beige
34m00s I always find that I question the motivation for including rape in film and television
34m10s It seems that 90210 is just ticking the issues’ bingo.
34m41s Conor has not only watched The Apprentice, which started into its new series last Monday, but he also appeared on The Apprentice You’re Fired on TV3. A real live TV sleb in our midst, people!
36m03s Conor wonders what the contestants are thinking when they go on and on about what amazing salespeople they are and in no time at all it is revealed that they are completely useless. Rosemary suggests that it is performance anxiety…
37m55s Rosemary and I give a big Awww for the team captain who gets sacked (and actually he rather impressed me on The Apprentice You’re Fired. He seemed very confident which also seems to be part of the issue.)
38m00s Conor proceeds to tell us all about the fabulous “The Apprentice You’re Fired” the after show analysis program *eyeroll* with its fabulous panel.
41m48s Rosemary asks Conor who does he think will win. He says it’s too early yet but he mentions Caesar for his memorable name and some cute hoor from Cork and a pushy PR lady. However he thinks it’s too early to put his money on any of them.
42m39s There’s a brief discussion of the XFactor and Rosemary again re-iterates her love for Simon Cowell. It’s like Twilight fans but instead of Team Edward and Team Whatchamacallim, it’s Team Louis and Team Simon.
43m57s I wrap up with my quote of the week (a surprise new feature) which is from Liz Bonnin on “Bang goes the Theory
45m00s Ends

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e smith (Oct 03, 2010)

I just know how you can all find time to listen to so many programmes. It was interesting to hear the differing opinions. I like the sig tune. I only found the detailed list of subjects after I had listened to the programme and I will use it in future so I can skip parts which deal with programmes I never watch!

Roseanne (Oct 12, 2010)

Hi e!
Thanks for the comment. I sometimes wonder how I find the time and then remember my wonderful UPC DVR :) However it does take quite a while to edit the podcast which can interrupt my telly watching something terrible.

I’m glad you like the sig tune – I sang it myself and then dollied it up in Audacity which is what I use to edit the podcast too. Cheap and cheerful!
That’s why I make the effort to create the show notes. That and the fact that the shownotes make the content stickier.

Have your spake – leave a voicemail

Leave us voicemail

Please click here to Skype us at "TheRosieView". We'll include your comments in our next show. Can't wait to hear what YOU have to say!